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Anonymous wrote at May 15, 2020

absolutely happy with your awesome service. the plants grew like ... unspeakable! keep on doing your business!

Anonymous wrote at May 12, 2020

perfecto )

Anonymous wrote at May 5, 2020

Top Qualit├Ąt wie immer!

Anonymous wrote at May 1, 2020

I have been ordering a couple of times now, everything went smooth/fast. The quality of the products is up to my plant needs, very good! I m sure I ll order again soon, thanks

Anonymous wrote at Apr 27, 2020

awesome stuff what you sell, everything worked out thank you guys!!!

Anonymous wrote at Apr 21, 2020

thank you very much! GREAT SERVICE .. 2! days to west/germany. is this normal ? looking into a great future !

Anonymous wrote at Apr 13, 2020

3 Days after Payment in my hands, free sample included! THANKS! YOU ARE GREAT

Anonymous wrote at Apr 8, 2020

le meilleur des vendeurs RC,

Anonymous wrote at Mar 31, 2020

Certainly the best vendor within the EU. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous wrote at Mar 25, 2020

Shipped 15 days ago and still waiting...=(

Anonymous wrote at Mar 24, 2020

Wow, I m suprised by the qualitiy of this site. I wish more vendors would be trustable like this.

Anonymous wrote at Mar 19, 2020

Very good service, very quick. 4days from payment and very safe package... Nice work. -Sam

Anonymous wrote at Mar 13, 2020

Great service Deb. team Thumbs up for packaging, fast delivery and for the stuff itself. Greets from ur neighborhood austria, stay nice !

Anonymous wrote at Mar 9, 2020

Thanks, just picked my package at the post office. Arrived yesterday, picked up 2day, didnt check the quality but delivery was VERY FAST! Thanks guys!!!

Anonymous wrote at Mar 4, 2020

Shipment is 3 days overdue. Haven t had this kind of delay ever. Beginning to worry