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Anonymous wrote at Jan 31, 2022

Want to talk about the product but it is forbidden. All I can say is GREAT!

Anonymous wrote at Jan 25, 2022

Debora Kontaktiert und sie haben ohne rumzumosern meine verlorene sendung nachgeschickt, freitag ging se raus und gestern kam sie an, sehr freundlicher service, qualität ist top, mein neuer lieblings-vendor

Anonymous wrote at Jan 20, 2022

Super Shop, ,der versand hat nur 4 tage gedauert. Was noch besser wär wenn es in 1g tütchen verpacktwäre und nicht alles in eins. Aber sonst ist alles

Anonymous wrote at Jan 17, 2022

this service is 100 % you can trust, nothing to add more, Maybe in the future transfer via cr c. Regards,

Anonymous wrote at Jan 14, 2022

paid on monday by bitcoin. shipped on wednesday afternoon by ems. arrived on friday in austria. response by mail from was very fast, professional and friendly. quality testing is on the todo list but optically the products are looking top-notch ..

Anonymous wrote at Jan 12, 2022

thx Debora

Anonymous wrote at Jan 4, 2022


Anonymous wrote at Dec 29, 2021

professional packing. arrived within 10 days to thailand.

Anonymous wrote at Dec 24, 2021

Today my paket arrived even with the samples :) greeeaaat job

Anonymous wrote at Dec 20, 2021

excellence as usual. fast and reliable. thx

Anonymous wrote at Dec 14, 2021

Thank you.

Anonymous wrote at Dec 12, 2021

perfect ! fastest delivery and greatest support/service i´ve ever seen ! thumbs up for the crew

Anonymous wrote at Dec 9, 2021


Anonymous wrote at Dec 3, 2021

thanks a lot Debora youre doing a great job! :)

Anonymous wrote at Nov 29, 2021

Wow very Fast deliver !