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CAS: 432023-23-2
Formula: C26H18FNO2
Molecular weight: 395.400
Compound purity: > 99.7%
Appearance: Powder
IUPAC: naphthalen-​1-​yl 1-​(4-​fluorobenzyl)-​1H-​indole-​3-​carboxylate

FDU-PB-22 as well as PB-22 are known as canabimimetic quinolinyl carboxylates along with cannabimimetic carboxamide derivatives are often identified as a designer drug and is a crystalline solid.

The formal name is naphthalen-1-yl 1-(4-fluorobenzyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylate. The molecular formula is C26H18FNO with a molecular weight of 395.4. The chemical compound will have a shelf life of 2 years if stored at -20 degrees Celsius.

FDU-PB-22 is known to be a derivative of PB-22. FDU-PB-22 has a difference with the pentyl side chain being replaced by a 4-fluorobenzyl group. This functional group is also found in other indazole based synthetic cannabinoids. Along with this difference, the 8-quinolinol is replaced by a naphthalene group, which is close to the structure of AM2201.

At this time, the toxicological and physiological properties are not known. FDU-PB-22 is only intended for scientific and forensic research and is NOT for human consumption.

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