News and Announcements

Flash sale on Benzodiazepines. Click to browse all available Benzos — Jul 22, 2023

New currencies added to cart system, you can select your local currency from now on. — Mar 10, 2023

Merry christmas! — Jan 1, 2023

Problem on Bitcoin Payment Gateway has been fixed. Checkout system is working fine. — Dec 12, 2022

Our website is operational again. — May 29, 2022

Etizolam new batch — Mar 2, 2022
We've just restocked Etizolam powder (no more pellets).

Covid Announcement — Jun 23, 2021
Delivery times has been back to normal.

Stock update — Jun 6, 2021
3-MeO-PCP and Methoxetamine has been restocked with new batches, you can order this 2 chemicals now.

Stock update — Apr 30, 2021
We are unable to restock two of our bestsellers: 3-MeO-PCP and Methoxetamine at the moment because of the current epidemic, we hope to restock soon.

Corona Outbreak Announcement — Mar 18, 2021
Our operations does not affected by the virus. All of our current products made before the coronavirus. Logistics also working fine at our EU and Asia warehouse locations. Please note that there may be slight delays at some EU countries.

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